Tulip Skirt Pattern

Last week in our pattern making class , the instructor showed us how to make tulip skirts with darts and notches and facings and piles and piles of pattern pieces. But being the lazy SOB that I am, I knew there had to be an simpler way – and here it is. This tulip wrap skirt is just one piece with a rolled hem and an interfaced waistband. It is easy-peasy-japanesy to draft and to sew.



Just a word of warning: the skirt flap did start blowing up in the wind, so you might want to add an extra flap snap on the edge


Notice the necklace – an antique bobbin on a chain…. Jebus, I’m really turning into a sewing nerd, aren’t I? But it’s awesome… right?



The fabric was upcycled from a smokey old microsuede curtain I found at the thriftstore.



And here are the pattern pieces I used to make this skirt!! You should have no problem adjusting them to your own measurements.


For a full tutorial on sewing a wrap skirt like this, please visit Cotton and Curls (a super inspiring, really fantastic sewing blog by a fellow Bay Area girl). In her post, she makes a longer, lightweight version of this skirt that’s just gorgeous, and once I realized that she’d already posted great sewing instructions, there was just no need for me to try and reinvent the wheel.  If you have any questions though, don’t hesitate to ask, as I did do a couple things differently than her. She used bias tape on the hem, I used a rolled hem. She top-stitched the waistband, I hand stitched it, she used 1 button, I used three. A hundred ways to skin a tulip skirt, eh?

Anyways, hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!

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