DIY Panel Skirt

A sporty, synthetic cropped sweater and diy panel skirt. Comfortable. Urban. I wore the outfit to Costco yesterday. Crushed velvet and bulk goods, polyester and free samples. It just felt right.

panel skirt instructions

panel skirt tutorial

stretch skirt diy


diy panel skirt

diy panel skirt

The original concept sketch

baseball outfit

The skirt is a solid DIY project. Four identical panels and a waist band. Suitable for stretch fabrics only. You want a pattern? You want a tutorial? Heck yes you do.

So here it is. Let’s get this bad boy sewn up.



1. Draft the four panels. At the top, the width of each should equal 1/4 the circumference of your waist. 8″ down, the panels should be the width of 1/4 your hip circumference. Make the skirt as long as you want, adding an inch or two of flare at the bottom for an a-line skirt, or continuing carrying the hip measurement straight down for a pegged or pencil skirt.

The width of the waistband should equal to the circumference of your waist. The height should be around 2.5 inches, or more if you want a wider waistband.

Since I was using a very stretchy fabric and I wanted it to cling to my body, I included an couple inches of negative ease. This simply meant that I didn’t bother adding any seam allowances. Depending on the stretchiness of your fabric, you may wish to do the same.

2. Sew each of the four panels together, using a zig zag stitch or an overlock machine. Sew the two ends of the waistband together.

3. Fold the waistband in half, and raw edges facing upward, slide it over top of the skirt (which should be turned right side out at this point.) Sew the waistband in place, again using an overlocker or a zig zag stitch.

4. Flip the waistband up, press in place, finish the raw edges of the hem. Then, fold the hem up and topstitch  in place using a twin needle or a zig zag stitch.


You’re done.

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