Little Red Dress

I think I’m obsessed. I can’t stop making matching crop tops and skirts. That little bit of waist is the best design detail in the world right now. And separates are so much better than dresses. You can split them up, wear the skirt with a different top, the top with high waisted jeans. It’s just super.

This particular set was inspired by a really sweet little vintage pattern that I came across – and it was only a dollar! Too good to be true, obviously, half the pieces were missing. But I wanted the outfit so bad, I ended up sketching a my own version and drafting it myself. And I’m glad I did. I made a shorter skirt and moved the buttons to the front of the blouse where they’re actually reachable.

So this is the picture that inspired me:

vintage pattern


This is the sketch I drew for my version:

fashion sketch


And this is the final dress!

batik top

If I were to make it again, I’d make both the top a couple inches longer. This set would look mad cute on a petite girl, but I think it makes me look a bit gangly. It’s all good though, when I was wearing it today, some nice lady shouted ‘gorgeous dress!’ at me out her car window, and that made me feel really warm and fuzzy inside.

button skirt

vintage inspired

crop top and skirt

Anyways, that’s a wrap. Mucho love and thank you for visiting!

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