How to sew a Reversible Dress


Good morning glamazons! Over the weekend, I made myself a reversible sleeveless dress with a high low hem. I think it turned out pretty darn well, has a real vintage feel to it without being over the top.

What I’m seriously excited for though, is the tutorial! Because it’s a method that you can use to line any sleeveless dress or tank-top beautifully, and it’s not that hard! Furthermore, when finished, the primary side looks the same as the lining, so you can wear all your creations inside out… if you want. If you don’t want to, that’s cool too.

And, here’s the dress. Let me know which you like better, the blue on the outside, or the purple.


The next one I make is going to be a wee bit longer in the front if I decide to use two semi sheer fabrics again. The blue skirt is dangerously short. Woops.collage4a

Since discovering rolled hems, my life has been so much better.collage1a

Worn unbelted, it looks a bit like a 1920′s nightgown, and it might just become a house dress because it’s soft, comfortable, a little bit luxurious, and I’ve made a resolution to be more glamorous at home. The way it is now, I get in the door, take off my nice clothes, and change into dirty hobo sweatpants. Don’t think my boyfriend appreciates it much.collage2b

Anyways, on to the good stuff. I didn’t go into much detail about drafting the pattern pieces for the mullet dress, because it’s pretty straight forward. The sort of pattern you can just freestyle. instructions1

This is the good stuff. How to sew a lined, potentially reversible tank-top or dress. I hadn’t been able to find an illustrated tutorial for something like this online, and now I realize why. It was really, really hard to imagine a way to draw the last two steps. They’re simple enough to do once you wrap your head around them, but figuring out how to show somebody else was tough.

instructions2If you need further clarification for any of the steps, check out this photo tutorial from She writes really detailed, quality instructions for a the same method. I found her photos a wee bit confusing, but use the two tutorials together, and you’ll be sewing killer linings in no time!

I sure hope you enjoyed our time together today.  Let me know what you think, what could be improved on!

And happy equinox,


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