Gathered Miniskirt

Gathered Miniskirt Tutorial


This thick, stretchy jersey skirt is really simple to sew. It’s only about 3 pieces and can easily be finished in under an hour. The gathering hides any lumps and bumps and pantylines, making it really flattering – not to mention, when you use thick jersey, and keep it tight to your body, it kinda works like spanx, and keeps your tummy sucked in where it needs to be.



So to make this skirt, you’ll need just under a yard of heavy jersey or other stretch fabric.  Cut one piece for the waist, make it 5″ tall, and as wide as the circumference of your waist. Then cut two panels, one for the front and one for the back. Each panel should be 25 inches long. At the top, the panels should be the width of half your waist, half way down, they should be half the width of your hips, and then at the bottom, the width should be half of your hips minus 2 inches. Do not add any additional seam allowance. This will make the skirt fit tightly to suck you in, and so that it doesn’t slip around while you’re wearing it

Don’t add any seam allowance. You’ll want the skirt to fit snugly.

Next, place the front and back panels right sides together, and machine baste down the side seams. To do this, set your sewing machine’s thread tension very low, and the stitch length as high as it will go. Sew a quarter inch from the edge of the fabric. Do not backstitch, as you’ll need to be able to pull the threads to create gathers. Leave the thread tails long. Then, to begin gathering, pull on one of the threads, while pushing down on the fabric. The fabric should slide down along the basting, creating gathers. Gather until the skirt is about half of its original length, distribute the gathers evenly, and then tie off the thread tails to hold the gathers in place.

Machine baste down the side seams, leaving thread tails long. Pull gently on one of the threads, while pushing the fabric down to create gathers.

Using a stretch stitch, sew down the gathered side seams to hold the folds in place. It helps to really push the fabric into the needles as you do this. Otherwise, your presser foot will squish some of the gathers out. If your folds do get squished the first round, just sew over the seam again, pushing and gathering as you go. When you’ve sewn up both sides, you should have something that looks like this…

When you’re finished stitching your gathers down, your skirt should look something like this.


Next, fold the waist band in half, right sides touching eachother, and sew up the side seam to form a tube.

Fold waist band in half, and sew up the side seam

Fold the waist band in half again, so the side seam is hidden, and the fold of the waistband is pointing downwards. (The folded edge will become the top of the waistband.)

Fold the waist band again, so it’s half the height that it was.

Keep the raw edges pointing upwards, and slide the waistband over-top of the skirt. The skirt should be turned right side out at this point. Pin into place and sew using a stretch stitch and a half inch seam allowance.

Slide the waistband over the skirt, so the raw edges are pointing upwards.


Sew the waistband to the top of the skirt, using a half inch seam allowance.


Turn the waistband up, and voila, you are done! Btw, when I finished this skirt, I came across a very similar pattern for sale on etsy for $7.50!? That’s just rude! This skirt is way to simple to draft and sew on your own. Save the money and buy yourself a pumpkin spice latte. Or actually, no. Screw that too. Those things are damn expensive, and they’ll make you fat. Save the money and make your own latte using this delightful lowfat pumpkin-spice latte recipe.

Good, now you have a hot new skirt for fall, a hot beverage to go with it, and money to spend on fabric. So go get em, tiger!

Happy in oxblood.

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