Faux Leather Bustier

It’s better with pleather

This outfit encourages me. It’s the first one that really represents my aesthetic, reflects who I want to be as a designer. I feel like most of the other things are I’ve made are kinda boring. I’ve been limited to basic, classic shapes because I just didn’t have the skills do do much else. This project was more ambitious. The sewing and fit are still lacking, but I finished a fitted bustier with a difficult fabric, and that gives me hope.

The bottom is a basic 3/4 circle skirt, and for the top, I used this vintage sewing pattern from Mrs. Depew’s etsy shop. It’s a great pattern. The instructions are a little lacking, I had to guess at things like sewing in the bra cups and adding closures at the back, but overall, it’s quite flattering.  I’m excited to make more, better garments using this same pattern. Usually I hate going back to old projects. I mean, it’s like going back to an old boyfriend, and there’s a reason you broke up the first time. I’m gonna give this one another chance though.

Just be sure to make yourself a muslin first, and make sure your bra inserts are the right size. I didn’t check, and ended up needing to add an extra panel at the back, but that’s my own fault, I knew that I was a 36 around the ribs, but thought i could get away with making it as is (a 34.) Oh, and the straps. They should have been a couple inches shorter. The top’s sitting too low. Makes my boobs look saggy.

Another thing that I regret is not interfacing the bustier. The pleather was this thin drapey stuff from Joannes. It really needed some support, and rippled and stretched while I sewed. I don’t think it would have if I’d gave it a good strong interfacing, or used a heavier, stiffer fabric.

And what do you guys think about faux leather dresses in general? Trashy or edgy? Yay or nay?

eh, not bad

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